Clinic location
I am currently practicing
in my clinic at Crossfit Solid Ground in Thornhill and at Vibrant Life Chiropractic in Woodbridge.

Julia Gonen ND
93 Green Lane
Thornhill, ON

Tel: 905.889.2000
Fax: 289.459.0219

Vibrant Life Chiropractic
21 Roysun Road Unit 16
Woodbridge, ON

Tel: 905.266.0779
Fax: 289.459.0219

before your first visit

After you have booked an appointment for your initial visit, kindly print out the new patient package and complete the forms in their entirety. Please take the time in doing so. It's completion will help me to understand your whole health picture. Completing the forms ahead of time will allow us to use most of the time during our initial visit to discuss your concerns.

If possible, I would also like you to bring a copy of the results of any recent blood tests, pathology reports or other laboratory work you may have had. Most Medical Doctors' offices are quite obliging and will photocopy whatever you ask for.

If you are taking any medications or supplements I would like you to compile a list of the medications/supplements including names and dosages. It may just be easier to put them in a bag and bring them to your visit. That's okay too!
download new patient package »

your first visit (90 minutes)

Your initial consultation includes an in-depth review of your health concerns and goals. The purpose of this visit is primarily information-gathering and assessment. During this visit, my objective is to understand your totality, including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A physical exam may be performed during at this time. We may discuss treatment options, however, treatment is not usually provided until your second visit.

your second visit (60 minutes)

Your second visit is usually scheduled about a week after your initial consultation, and allows me to complete any outstanding assessment and physical examination, and time to review any requested information. I will present you with a comprehensive treatment plan. We will discuss your expectations, and begin treatment.

follow-up visits (30-60 minutes)

Follow-up visits are scheduled according to your individualized treatment plan. They may be used to monitor your progress, refine or review your treatment plan, or provide in-clinic therapies. As your overall health improves, the focus of our visits will shift toward maintenance and prevention and eventually become less frequent.

The frequency and length of your visits will depend on the therapies we choose and the amount of support you require in achieving your personal health goals.

It is recommended you visit at least seasonally as part of your regular maintenance and prevention program for optimal health.